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Synergy is what’s pushing the world forward. When we look at the biggest revolutions of human history, we can see signs of Synergy Power between groups of people in those revolution’s stories. We believe, for making big movements, there’s no need to force people to do good things! It’s stupid! But of course that it’s functional to bring good people together and let them talk! Have our words: They’ll find the way better than anyone else. HackaIran is a local community of Technologists so it has lots of purposes about supporting next movements of futuristic services in Iran, so a networking festival was the first thing which has been held by HackaIran and named HackaTeamup. HackaTeamup is an event which brings Technologists together, it lets them have a friendly competition about solving some algorithmic games, and invite them to eat free pizzas and network to each other. HackaTeamup is held every 3 months, and it’s been holding since one year ago. In this one year hundreds of Technologists got familiar and did things together which affect on daily life of all of us. In HackaTeamup most of attendees have a story to tell, and that’s all we’re talking about.

It seems that there’s no HackaTeamUp in the next 2 months!

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